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I Remember. I Am. #SELMA

As a Selma native, I have lived this history, all of my life. It was impressed upon me at an early age. People like my grandparents, my parents, Attorney Rose Sanders and her husband Senator Hank Sanders and many others did their best to "pass the torch of freedom" to my generation. I was apart of a group called the Children of Selma (I know my folks remember B'BACC and 21st Century Leadership Camp; "I AM a 21st Century Leader!") I've walked over the Edmund Pettus Bridge more times than I can count. I've sung about the injustices that our people have suffered down through the years and fought for issues that plague us today. God knows I've always been proud of where I come from; cause frankly, they don't make 'em like this anymore. #SELMA is more than a notion- more than a motion picture- it was and has been over the years a movement.

I am proud to say, "I am from Selma, Alabama" and I am proud to stand with millions of other Americans as we remember the not so glorious days of old. I pray we are enlightened and changed. I pray we leave the theatres ready to face today's injustices with the same resolve as the people who fought, bled, and died for the rights and privileges we have today.

I remember. I am. #SELMA


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