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Benita Jones

Worship Leader, Vocal Artist, Songwriter, Conference Host, Clinician

The Entreating

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Benita Jones: The Worship Leader’s Worship Leader

Benita Jones has been making an impact on gospel music in the arena of praise and worship, for more than 15 years. The popularity of online videos facilitated her rise to becoming one of the world’s most recognizable worship leaders as Benita served in full time ministry as worship pastor to ministries both large and small. An ordained Pastor, Benita has devoted her life to the equipping and instructing of music ministries worldwide as a clinician, conference host and music ministry consultant.

Benita Jones

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“Benita is a worshipper, and describing her worship style in a word is difficult. If I had to choose a word, it would be ’sensitivity.’ Possessing the ability to connect with God in an instant takes faith. Having the awareness to connect with God, transform the entire room into an altar, and have everyone experience that intimate moment with you takes sensitivity. THAT is her ministry.”

-Pastor Hart Ramsey

Benita Jones

Bring the evolveU Experience to Your Church

The evolveU experience is available to offer instruction with three options tailored to serve your local church’s needs. With evolveU worship leader coaching & andragogy, evolveUs team coaching, and evovle University church-wide conference, Pastor Benita leads you through the tools and exhortation skills worship leaders, team members and lay persons alike need to effectively experience the presence of God in a corporate setting. In need of a music ministry rebuild or makeover? Book a free 60 minute consultation with evolveU Consulting Group today!


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