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Click here to bring the evolveU Experience to your church! 

Option 1: evolveU Worship Leader Mentorship


*worship leading tools 101

*exhortation: so much to say

*selecting songs: monthly forecasts

*discerning the spirit of the house: tapping in

*leading with confidence: being your authentic self (lessons from the life of David)

*lifestyle of glory carriers: cleans hands; pure heart

*effective leading: a thinking sport

Option 2: evolveUs Team Mentorship


*transforming worship team members/ choir into leaders: worship leading tools 101

*lifestyle of glory carriers: clean hands; pure heart

*the importance of unity between worship team and choir: team building

*demonstration of worship

*culminates into a worship night experience featuring your worship team and Benita Jones

Option 3: evolveUniversity Church-wide Worship Conference


*Saturday worship conference for the entire congregation (you’re welcome to open it to the public or invite other local worship teams)

*intensive training and teaching for worship teams and choir: team building

*intensive training and teaching for your worship band (taught by Virgil Straford, Minstrel and Producer)

*what shall we say to these things: congregation’s response and responsibility

*Saturday evening worship concert or Sunday morning worship experience with Benita Jones


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