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Listen to Benita’s Podcast

“No More Small Talk” is a podcast hosted by musical artist, entrepreneur, and mother of two, Benita Jones. Benita brings her authentic and unique perspective to each episode as she discusses real topics that are often overlooked in church conversations today, including mental health, divorce care, single parenting, political issues, and more. We’re not wasting any time on the mundane on this show…No. More. Small Talk.

Over the last two decades; Benita Jones (formerly known as Benita Washington) has become one of the pre-eminent voices in praise and worship music circles. Videos of her singing modern-day church anthems have earned her millions of YouTube views, a global congregation of worshippers and collaborations with celebrated worship leaders. Alongside public glory, Jones has triumphed over private pain following a divorce and relocation from Nashville to Atlanta. She’s now bouncing back with a new name and a renewed zeal for ministry and outreach.

Week 1
Civic Engagement

No politics! In this episode we are talking about working to make a difference in the civic life of one’s community and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.

Week 2
Wellness & Support Systems

Uncovering the need for Tribe in Tribulation! This episode focuses on wellness and support systems in the face of various difficulties, hardships, or problems, especially those that test one's courage, endurance, or resolve. We discover emotional support expressed as empathy, love, trust, and caring. Instrumental support demonstrated as tangible aid and service. We also explore how important professional mentorship and sponsorship relationships are, especially for women and minorities.

Week 3
Making Moves

Make no mistake…this episode is all about promotion! We intentionally provide active encouragement for the furtherance of the cause or venture of the guest in this episode. We promote purposeful productivity. Let’s get ACTIVE!

Week 4
The Creative & The Creator

Tune in to this episode and get insight from guests that believe in the benefit of having relationship with God. We will hear from artists, pastors, musicians, cooks, writers, thinkers, sculptors, authors, entertainers and painters, maybe even a baker or candlestick maker.

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