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Improve Your Church Music Ministry Leadership With evolveU

Pastor Benita offers guidance and insight in music ministry leadership and worship through evolveU. evolveU is a vehicle by which leaders can be advised spiritually and trained practically to be effective worship leaders. With over 20 years experience and a clear mandate from God, Pastor Benita is set to train the next generation of presence carriers. evolveU can be tailored to fit your specific church needs. In need of a music ministry rebuild or makeover? Book a free 60 minute consultation with evolveU Consulting Group today!

Benita Jones evolveU collage
Option 1: evolveU

Worship Leader Coaching and Andragogy

  • Worship leading tools 101
  • Exhortation: so much to say
  • Selecting songs: monthly forecasts
  • Discerning the spirit of the house: tapping in
  • Leading with confidence: being your authentic self (lessons from the life of David)
  • Lifestyle of glory carriers: cleans hands; pure heart
  • Effective leading: a thinking sport
Option 2: evolveUs

Team Coaching

  • Transforming worship team members/ choir into leaders: worship leading tools 101
  • Lifestyle of glory carriers: clean hands; pure heart
  • The importance of unity between worship team and choir: team building
  • Demonstration of worship
  • Culminates into a worship night experience featuring your worship team and Benita Jones
Option 3: evolveUniversity

Worship Conference

  • Saturday worship conference for the entire congregation (you’re welcome to open it to the public or invite other local worship teams)
  • Intensive training and teaching for worship teams and choir: team building
  • Intensive training and teaching for your worship band (taught by Virgil Straford, Minstrel and Producer)
  • What shall we say to these things: congregation’s response and responsibility
  • Saturday evening worship concert or Sunday morning worship experience with Benita Jones

evolveU Consulting Group

eCG’s Vision

evolveU Consulting Group (eCG) is a vehicle by which worship department leadership can be coached spiritually and trained practically to be effective in accessing God’s presence consistently. eCG also provides infrastructures, resources, and systems to rebuild, restructure, and realign the ministry with the vision of the Senior Pastor as given to him by God. With over 20 years experience and a clear mandate from God, eCG is set to train the next generation of leaders.

eCG’s Mission

Our mission is to help the worship department in the local church get unstuck. We help develop and cultivate thriving church music ministries by engaging, empowering, encouraging, and equipping them to focus on vision, strategy, team, and action. With every tool and consulting process for churches we develop, our priority is to help churches help people meet and follow Jesus.

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